12989 Howell Prairie Rd. Gervais, OR 97026 503.792.3524

Easter Egg Hunter

Saturday, APRIL 15

10am - 2pm

$5 Per Child ages 0-12
Jumping Pillow Included

We are MORE then a 'mad dash kids get trampled' egg hunt here. Our Egg Hunt runs from 10-2 and you are welcome to come at ANY time during that period. Kids are released into the egg hunt in small 10-15 child groups.

Each child gets to collect 12 Eggs from the hunt, and here comes the best part.....they get to CHOOSE their prizes! The eggs that they gather from the hunt will be empty. Then they get to redeem their eggs for prizes they choose. This makes it much easier for any child with special dietary needs to participate!

Easter BasketIf the weather cooperates there will be additional activites available at an additional charge. If the additional activities are available it will be an additional $3 for unlimited play.

The hunt is recommended for children under the age of 12.

Lunch Items will be available for purchase.


You may purchase multiple hunts per child, but they may only collect 12 eggs each time they enter the hunt.

For more information give us a call! 503-792-3524

Easter Eggs

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