Thank You Bauman's Family Friend

BFF Loyalty Program

Become our BFF – Bauman Family Friend!

What do I get as a BFF?

  1. For every $100 in purchases you get a $5 bonus to spend on your next visit.
    1. Purchases will accumulate on each visit and once you reach $100 you will receive a $5 bonus on your account.
    2. Every $5 bonus earned can be accumulated until December 31st of that year. As of January 1st your account will reset.
    3. Your bonus will not be available until the day after you reach each $100 level.
    4. An email will be sent within two days notifying you of your bonus. If you do not have an email address please let us know.
  2. An annual year-end Dividend Check!
    1. The dividend is based on your previous year’s total purchases. Here is how our annual dividend is calculated:
      • $250-$499………..$10 Dividend
      • $500-$999………..$25 Dividend
      • $1,000-$1999……$50 Dividend
      • $2000-$2999……$75 Dividend
    2. Your dividend will be sent to your home address as a Gift Card and can be used on any items at the store.
    3. The dividend expires on March 31st of that year.
  3. You will receive a quarterly email update.
    1. This quarterly update will give you a preview of what to expect on the farm in the coming season.
    2. Highlight special items and discounts only available to our BFFs.
    3. Give you the first chance to sign up for Classes, Teas, and other special events.

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