Animal Petting Zoo

Here at Bauman’s Farm & Garden, we’ve got plenty to do! Part of the fun of visiting a farm is interacting with the animals. Here, we’ve got an array of cute animals to pet. It’s important to treat the animals with respect and kindness, here are a few rules we have in place to keep you and the animals safe and happy!

Petting Zoo Rules:

1. Hours: Mon – Sat, 9 AM to 4:30 PM. Closed on Sundays & Holidays

The Petting Zoo closes a half-hour before our farm store does at 5 PM. Not sure when you can visit the animals? The rule of thumb is that if it is a day the farm store is closed, so is the Petting Zoo. Thank you for adhering to these hours.

2. Respect the Animals

Please treat the animals with respect and kindness. This is their home. Please do not yell at the animals or bang on their enclosure. Do not throw objects into their habitats. We want our animals to remain friendly and safe

3. Respect Your Boundaries

Please do not cross over any fences or barriers unless asked to do so. You may reach through the fence to pet the animals, but do not try to pick up or force the animals to come to you. Many of our animals are very friendly!

4. Do Not Feed the Animals

Our animals are on a specific feeding schedule and regiment to promote their health and well-being. Human food can make our animals sick. Please refrain from feeding our animals unless doing so with one of our staff members with approved animal feed.

5. No Smoking or Vaping

To decrease fire hazards and ensure the safety and health of our guests, staff, and animals, smoking is not permitted on the property. This includes the parking lot.

6. Children Must Be Supervised at All Times

Kids love to explore our farm and see all we have to offer! However, we want your kiddos to stay safe while visiting Bauman’s Farm & Garden. Do not wander off further into areas that are production facilities of the farm. Please help keep your kids safe and make sure anyone under the age of 16 is always accompanied by an adult while visiting Bauman’s Farm & Garden.

7. Always Remember to Wash Your Hands Before and After

Participating in our petting zoo is so much fun, but animals can carry germs that aren’t good for humans to ingest. Please make sure you wash your hands before AND after petting our animals at the petting zoo.

Most importantly, have fun!

Thanks for visiting Bauman’s Farm & Garden. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with events and activities.