Hanging Basket Bug Care

Hanging Basket Care - Cutworms

Have you ever left on a trip for a few days, returned, and found your beautiful hanging basket looking sad? Here are some tips and tricks to bring your hanging basket back to its glory. First and foremost, you’ll notice…

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How to Plant Bare Root Roses

How to plant bare root roses

One of Brian’s favorite times of year is when our bare root roses arrive because it means spring is right around the corner. Bare root roses are one of those first plants that we can get started for the coming…

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Succulent Pumpkins – How to Make Your Own

Succulent Pumpkins at Bauman's Harvest Festival

It’s Harvest Season at the farm, and one of our favorite crafts this time of the year is making succulent pumpkins. Too often, people avoid tropical succulents because they just don’t last that long, and in the fall, you have…

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Harvest Cider

Harvest Cider - Bauman Farms

At this year’s Harvest Festival, there are so many new things to see including our brand new cider press we just got up and going. One of the things that’s so cool about it is that it will actually press…

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Getting Ready for Harvest Festival

Getting ready for Bauman's Harvest Festival

The start of Bauman’s Harvest Festival is literally days away, and we are running to get it all done. Watch as Brian Bauman runs through all that needs done to get Bauman’s Harvest Festival ready. We’ve got to get all the…

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Pickling Cucumbers

Pickling Cucumbers at Bauman's Farm & Garden

At Bauman’s Farm and Garden, we need to start getting ready early in the day in order to make sure we’re providing you with some of the best high-quality produce that you can find in the valley! Our location is…

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Hanging Basket Maintenance

How to Keep Your Baskets Beautiful All Summer Now that it’s the middle of the summer, it is time to keep a close eye on your hanging baskets and flowerpots around your house because pests are really starting to take…

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Pre-Order Produce

Preorder Produce from Bauman's Farm & Garden

At Bauman’s Farm and Garden, we always tell people that there was no master plan involved with how this retail area was going to evolve from when we were kids to where it is today. Back when we were kids,…

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Unboxing House Plants

Unboxing House Plants - Collector's Edition from Proven Winners

We got a special delivery of Collector’s Edition house plants in boxes at Bauman’s Farm and Garden. These plants are from a new company called the Plant Company. They’re not really a new company, but it’s a new partnership with…

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Tayberries – Unique & Tasty Berries

Tayberries at Bauman's Farm & Garden

It’s berry season at Bauman Farms! Although strawberries are just finishing up, tayberries, which are Barb Bauman’s favorite berries, are now out in the field. Watch as Brian Bauman talks about why tayberries are so unique and delicious at Bauman’s…

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