Making Strawberry Freezer Jam

Barb Bauman shows you how to make fresh strawberry freezer jam. Learn about the best ingredients, tips, and steps to take for the most delicious jam. Bauman’s Quick & Easy Freezer Jam Using MCP Pectin Wash and rinse your containers, make sure they have tight fitting lids. 1-2 Cup sized containers are best. 1 batch will make 7-1/2 pint size containers. Prepare your berries – 3 pints per batch, remove stems, wash and drain in a colander. Crush berries with a potato masher. Measure exactly 3 1/4 cup crushed strawberries into a bowl and add 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice.…

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Summer Gardening & Plants

Summer Garden & Plants

The summer is losing steam and I’m still not gardening. Unless you count buying plants, which I guess you’d have to since you can’t garden without plants. Duh. The date my sod (just a bit for the dog) and sprinkler system is being put in has been pushed again. Another summer without gardening. Anyway, I’m a little – no, a lot – depressed about it. Know what I do on the weekends when I should be gardening? I sit around writing down the names of must-have plants, which only makes me feel more impatient. OK, enough of that. Feeling sorry…

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A New Garden is Making Me Giddy

New Garden

Except in college, I’ve never been without a garden. Until two and a half years ago when I moved to Corvallis for a new job and was forced to rent a home. Oh, boy, was that ever fun. “Can I garden?” I asked the landlord.  “I’ll do all the work and buy the plants.” Who could get a better deal than that? “Go ahead,” he said. “Just don’t dig anything up.” Huh? He couldn’t stand to get rid of a diseased azalea, ratty rhododendron, overgrown nandina and butchered forsythia? Whatever. I gave it a go. I shoved my sharp shovel…

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New Bauman Website

We are so excited you have visited the NEW and IMPROVED Bauman’s Farm and Garden website. With all the updates we will be providing you a better platform to sign up and pay for our events at the farm. Our new site will keep you better informed about all of our sales and offer you valuable resources. Check out our new Bauman Loyalty Program (Become a BFF). Stop by the store today! We look forward to seeing you!

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