Vibrant & Colorful West Country Lupine

Lupine - Colorful & Vibrant - West Country

A couple of years ago Brian Bauman planted some lupine in the front flower bed in front of the farm. They are one of his absolute favorite early flowering perennials. This variety you see is a brand-new introduction called ‘West…

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Fresh Bauman-Grown Strawberries & Spinach

Strawberry Season on the Farm

It’s strawberry season at the farm. Oregon strawberries are sweet & delicious, but they’re soft. They aren’t hard as a rock like California strawberries, which means they don’t keep very long. One thing that’s special about Bauman’s Farm & Garden…

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Amazing Summer Perennials

Summer Perennials

We are excited to share with you some of the new plants that we’re growing at the farm for your home garden. Dahlias We have a new series of dahlia,  called MegaBloom ‘Berry Blast’, and you can see why. This…

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The Best Tomato Plants

Best Tomato Plants & Varieties at Baumans Farm & Garden

If you are like us, you don’t want to wait for tomatoes. It’s easy to start with our giant 3-gallon tomato plants, to get tomato plants even faster. Here are some of the varieties we have at the farm. Sweet…

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Making Strawberry Freezer Jam

Make Bauman's Strawberry Freezer Jam

Barb Bauman shows you how to make fresh strawberry freezer jam. Learn about the best ingredients, tips, and steps to take for the most delicious jam. Bauman’s Quick & Easy Freezer Jam Using MCP Pectin Wash and rinse your containers,…

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An Edible Container Garden – Video

Edible Container Garden

Brian Bauman talks about great tips to help you in the garden this year. We combine two of our favorite trends in gardening this year, edible gardening and container gardening. For other Bauman videos and gardening tips visit our YouTube…

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Planting Perennials – Video

Planting Perennials

Brian Bauman shows some tips and tricks on how to plant a tree or shrub at your home. He shows how to plant a lilac by digging a hole, roughing up the roots, and using soil conditioner as well as…

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Summer Gardening & Plants

Summer Garden & Plants

The summer is losing steam and I’m still not gardening. Unless you count buying plants, which I guess you’d have to since you can’t garden without plants. Duh. The date my sod (just a bit for the dog) and sprinkler…

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