Getting Ready for Harvest Festival

Getting ready for Bauman's Harvest Festival

The start of Bauman’s Harvest Festival is literally days away, and we are running to get it all done.

Watch as Brian Bauman runs through all that needs done to get Bauman’s Harvest Festival ready.

We’ve got to get all the bales painted. We’ve got to build the giant hay pyramid. We need to finish building the obstacle course. We’ve got to put the finishing touches on Bauman’s Botanicals. We’ve got to get all the signs up. Our brand new cider press just arrived; now it’s time to make some cider.

Now that we’ve got some apple cider, let’s make some apple cider donuts. We have these brand new greenhouses for new swings, a new grain bin, and a brand new cider garden, and only a couple days left!  

Sunflower Fields

The one thing that we do have ready is our massive field of sunflowers, for our Sunflower Saturday. Our corn maze is ready, and the hay ride to take you out here will be all ready to go. By next weekend we will have everything done. So, whether you come this weekend or the next, we can’t wait to see you soon, and we’ve got a lot of work to do. 

Hay Pyramid & Slides at Bauman's Harvest Festival
Bauman's Botanical Gardens
Bauman's Apple Cider Press

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