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Harvest Cider - Bauman Farms

At this year’s Harvest Festival, there are so many new things to see including our brand new cider press we just got up and going. One of the things that’s so cool about it is that it will actually press other things besides apples. This year we pressed pears. We made some amazing pear juice and we actually partnered with our hard cider company to make a fresh, brand new cider called Bauman’s Harvest. It has pear juice and apple juice. It’s the perfect combination of that kind of crisp pear with the warm apple, little bit of cinnamon, a little bit of vanilla, and it is absolutely delicious. The only place that you’ll find this cider is out at the festival.

Watch as Brian Bauman talks about the new Harvest Cider.

Starting now you can get it in these wonderful cans, or we have it on draft if you just want to try a glass. Walk around the farm, enjoy the harvest with our new Harvest Cider. Come on out to the farm because we have a feeling it’s not gonna last very long. Cheers.

Pouring Harvest Cider
Brain Bauman, New Harvest Cider with Our New Press
Pouring Bauman Cider from a Can - Pears & Apples
Bauman's Century Farm Cider

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  1. Where May I get a list of your cider flavors?
    Thank you- Marty

    1. Please see a list of our current cider flavors on our online shopping form: https://baumanfarms.com/grocery/

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