Pickling Cucumbers

Pickling Cucumbers at Bauman's Farm & Garden

At Bauman’s Farm and Garden, we need to start getting ready early in the day in order to make sure we’re providing you with some of the best high-quality produce that you can find in the valley!

Our location is the biggest disadvantage we have at Bauman’s Farm. We’re located in the middle of nowhere and on the way to nothing. And yet, this is also Bauman’s greatest advantage as we can grow so much fresh produce and have it right next to our store for you!

Watch as Brian Bauman talks about growing pickling cucumbers to get ready for you to purchase at Bauman’s Farm & Garden.

Growing Pickling Cucumbers

During this season, every single Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we are out picking our pickling cucumbers. You need to do a couple of things to grow a good cucumber. The first of which is water. If your cucumbers dry out, they will get bitter. So, we always make sure to keep a lot of water on our fields.

Another thing to remember is that cucumbers will grow quicker in hotter weather. So, with the heat, we have to pick them more often. This means that when you come to the farm to get your cucumbers, you’re getting the freshest batch! There is no long transportation or cucumbers sitting in a cooler for a couple of days. They come straight from our fields to the store. You come directly to the source when you come to Bauman farms, getting the highest quality and best source of produce that you can find anywhere.

Washing Pickling Cucumbers at Bauman's Farm & Garden

Getting Cucumbers Ready for You

As soon as the cucumbers come in from the field, we wash them. After washing them, we sort through them and then put them in two different bags. We have medium-large bags with cucumbers about 3-4 inches long and small-medium bags with cucumbers closer to 2-3 inches long. So, if you are looking to make those small gherkin cucumbers or you want to make larger dill or sweet pickles, we’ve got you covered!

In the store, you’ll see that we have 20-pound bags for both sizes. We also grow our own dill to make those delicious dill pickles. On top of that, you can also find all your other fixings, including garlic, peppers, and more, to help you create that family pickle recipe.

Sorting Pickling Cucumbers at Baumans
Pickling Cucumbers in Oregon

We know it’s a long way to get out to the farm, and we want to make each trip worth it for you. So, when you’re planning a trip, call ahead to reserve your pickling cucumbers. Remember that pickling cucumber season goes by quickly, and we want to make sure you don’t miss it. Swing by the farm today, and we hope to see you soon!

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  1. we are looking for pickling cumbers,, do you have any ready and whats the cost

    1. Please call the farm store at (503) 792-3524.

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