Unboxing House Plants

Unboxing House Plants - Collector's Edition from Proven Winners

We got a special delivery of Collector’s Edition house plants in boxes at Bauman’s Farm and Garden. These plants are from a new company called the Plant Company. They’re not really a new company, but it’s a new partnership with Proven Winners. As you might have seen with our current products, we carry a lot of Proven Winner plants. Now they have partnered with the Plant Company to do a whole line of houseplants.

Watch as Brian Bauman opens this new collection of plants at Bauman’s Farm & Garden.

This is the collector’s edition, and here are the highlighted plants we got in! All the boxes are full of cool and rare plants!

Pink Princess Philodendron

This is one of those plants that gets the most attention because they’re super rare. They are pricey for their size, but on the top is this unique pink flat or pink leaf coming out of it. Each of these plants comes with a unique metal tag that highlights it as part of the collector’s edition.

Clusia Rosea Princess

This plant forms a bush that is similar to oleander. It has these pretty pink flowers on it. This is one of the new ones and they are beautiful plants.

Philodendron Imperial Gold

These are a nice golden lemony philodendron. It has nice yellow foliage on the leaves. This plant may be good in an office.

Tricolor Fern

This fern is similar to a Five-Finger Maiden Hair Fern. It has more of an Autumn Leaf Fern look with the real dark green fade, and the new foliage has a nice bronze look to it. These are pretty different but unique.

Shimmylad Du Gladiolus

This plant has a wild name to pronounce, but it has that beautiful kind of marbled foliage. These plants don’t like too much light.

Philodendron Sun Red

This philodendron has a bright red color that is different than something like the Congo Red Philodendron, which usually has that dark burgundy red. With the collector’s edition, you want the color red to be a little brighter. This one has beautiful red foliage on it.

Philodendron Silver Sword

This is one of Brian Bauman’s personal favorite plants. These plants have been pretty difficult to find. These plants are impressive with how quickly they grow.

Philodendron Thai Congo

This just sounds like a cool plant. It is another green one, but you can see it has that chartreuse green. It is nice and full of leaves. It started from tissue culture. When you start from tissue culture, you can get multiple starts in the clump. This is why you often get the really nice and full leaves because there are probably six or eight different starts altogether in that beautiful plant.

Feeling Flirty Tradescantia

This plant is similar to one we grow on the farm called Nanouk, and we wanted to see if it was the same. It’s not, but it has a very similar look. It would best be described as like a baby Nanouk but tighter and more compact. This is a really beautiful plant.

Philodendron Mayoi

This plant is a larger leaf philodendron with beautiful leaves. It looks like it may lay more flat, similar to how Dragon Tail would, but imagine they will perk up over time. It seems like it’s something that would grow upward. The leaves are amazing and really cool.

Alocasia Portoria

This is one of the bigger plants we received. Give it some time, and these should have some giant foliage on them. These plants will look great in our greenhouses after we give them some care.

Blue Star Davana

We’ve carried Blue Star Ferns at the farm before, but this one’s different. You can see the leaves are much curlier and fuller. The blue foliage looks really nice on these plants. We will have some of these in a bigger pot.

Antiquum Bird’s Nest Fern

These plants look really nice with the wavy foliage. Bird’s Nest ferns always do well, especially in homes and offices. This would be a nice addition to any fern collection.

Alocasia Regal Shield

We’ve had some of these from the Plant Company in the past, and they did really well. These plants have this really dark green foliage, and it is a sturdy Alocasia. They don’t get yellow foliage like the other alocasia, but they seem much hardier and stand stronger.

Twisted Bird’s Nest Fern

This fern is a little more compact and has this pretty twisted foliage coming out of it. It is a more compact version of the Antiquum, but a nice little plant.

We’ve put together a special table with all of these Collector’s Edition house plants. If there’s something that you’re looking for that’s hard to find, let us know, as this company might be a good source for us to try and find some really cool stuff. Come on down to the farm and check these plants out for yourself!

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