Hand Sanitizer Covid-19

Bauman Covid-19 Response

Bauman’s Farm & Garden takes great pride in our commitment to do whatever is possible to be a source of food & groceries for the surrounding communities where we are located. As circumstances surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continue to evolve, we will take the appropriate actions to ensure the health and safety of our customers, employees and the community in general. We ask that you please adhere to the directions they point to in order to facilitate a shopping flow with sufficient social distancing.

Wearing of Masks is REQUIRED

Effective Wednesday, June 24th 2020, customers shopping at Bauman’s Farm & Garden are REQUIRED to wear a face mask as per the directives issued by the Oregon Health Authority and Governor Brown. Bauman’s is located in Marion County. For more information and guidance on this requirement, click here.

In and Outs

We are limiting the entrances and exits to/from the store to one (1) entrance and one (1) exit. The entrance door by the big red barn is open and the exit door is an automatic sliding door. This avoids the need to touch door handles for opening doors. Inside the produce & bakery section of the store, we have placed yellow arrows on the floor to maintain a one-way flow. We ask that you please adhere to the directions the point to in order to facilitate a shopping flow with sufficient social distancing.

25 Customers in the Store Limit

The number of customers inside the store is limited to 25 total at a time. (25 persons, not 25 parties).  Doing so will avoid overcrowding and allow for sufficient social distancing between customers as well with employees. We appreciate your patience with the customer shopping ahead of you or with the employee restocking.

2 Persons Per Household or Party Limit

Please limit yourself to two (2) persons total per household or party inside the store (Yes, kids count as persons). As the total customers allowed in the store at a time is only 10 persons, this limit will allow us maintain the social distancing recommendations as well as provide access to more shoppers at a time in the store. There are no household/party restrictions in the garden center.  Thank you for your consideration.

Clean Hands & Masks

All customers, including children, shopping at Bauman’s will be asked to sanitize their hands when they enter the store. We have a convenient sanitizing stations set-ups when you enter the store or the garden center. The wearing of a mask is MANDATORY and appreciated!

Social Distancing

Please keep the recommended 6ft radius distance from your fellow shoppers and store employees when inside the store as well as at the check-out lines and in the garden center.

No Pets!

A reminder that pets, including therapy, companion and emotional support animals, are not allowed inside the store as per Oregon law! Only service or assistance animals are permitted.  Please visit our Pet Policy page for more information. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

The Garden Center & Store are Separated

In order to maintain better oversight on the number of customers (10 max) inside the store, we have separated the garden center from the store. The garden center has its own check-outs so there is no need to go into the store to pay for your purchases. There are no limits on the number of persons in your party for shopping in the garden center but we do ask that you adhere to the social distancing guidelines here as well.

Clean Carts & Baskets

Shopping carts and shopping baskets placed INSIDE the store entrance have been sanitized.

Clean Store

Frequently touched surfaces around the store are constantly cleaned and disinfected during the business day.

No Sampling

Until further notice, we will discontinue providing samples of assorted products we sell.

We need your help as well…

For the greater good of the community…especially the elderly, the health of our employees, the health of yourself and your family, we need to work together to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. Here is how you can contribute while shopping at Bauman’s:

Do not enter the store or garden center if you are not feeling well or are sick! Let us do the shopping for you. We now offer a call ahead service at no extra charge where we will pull your grocery and/or plant order and have it ready to place in your car’s trunk when you pull up. Click here for more information.

We sincerely apologize if these policies cause any inconvenience to our customers.