Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Bauman's Farm & Garden

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Here is what moms have to say about Mother’s Day and gifts they love:

“I love being at Bauman farms on Mother’s Day, and I particularly love flowers. My husband usually gets me a wonderful fuchsia basket and my daughter and son-in-law a hanging basket. So, I’m happy as a clam.”
~ Mary, Happy Mom & Customer

“For Mother’s Day, my son knows how much I love sun baskets. My favorite one has Autumn Mystery and the Blue Daishia, and he always picked me out a basket that had those. I have a perfect place above my porch swing on my front porch for it. I start my day out on my front porch with a cup of cocoa thinking about my son and enjoying my sun basket.”
~ Melissa, Happy Customer

“Mother’s Day, I always look forward to. I usually always get something great here on the farm. Last year I got a wonderful fountain. It’s beautiful and I have it right by my front door when you walk in. I love it!”
~ Tonya, Happy Mom & Customer

“As an expecting mother, a lot of people ask me what I want for Mother’s Day. You know, it’s kind of hard to think of one specific thing, since you know this will be my first official Mother’s Day. I guess, when growing up with my own mother, some of the things I know that she really appreciated were sometimes handmade things. We made her pancakes and with syrup, brought her breakfast in bed, or drew a little picture that said I love you to go with breakfast. Maybe it was a special lunch or dinner. I think that’s maybe one of the things that I’ll look forward to the most is something handmade or something that can be created you know in part by them.”
~ Emily, Happy Mom-to-Be

“When anyone asks me what I want for Mother’s Day, I tell them I want nothing. I want a day to sit in the yard with nothing to cook, nothing to clean, and nothing to do.”
~ Sarah Farrell, Bauman’s Farm & Garden

“I’m out here today thinking what do I want for Mother’s Day this year? Well, I really want my yard barked by my kids, but this Mother’s Day we’re all working at the farm, so I can’t have that. So, I have some ideas. For Mother’s Day I want all kinds of color for my yard, and I can’t make up my mind as to which is my favorite. So, you know what I told them? Get me a gift card and then I can pick out whatever I want!”
~ Barb Bauman, Bauman’s Farm & Garden

Listen from Moms at Bauman’s Farm & Garden talk about what they want for Mother’s Day.

We welcome you to come down and spend Mother’s Day on the farm. Come see all of beautiful flowers and Mother’s Day gift ideas we have in stock. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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