AquaPots – Beat the Heat

Planting Aquapots - Beat the Heat

Aquapots offer great benefits for plants during the summer. We want to show you the aquapots that we got from Proven Winners earlier in the spring. These pots are different since they have no holes in the bottom of them. The bottom part actually holds several gallons of water so that you don’t have to water them very often. If you are busy and work a lot of hours you don’t have time to come rushing home and make sure your pots are watered in the afternoon when it gets super hot. With the aquapots we haven’t had to do that even when it was above 110 degrees.

You only need to water these pots about once every three days and it’s super simple. There is a little tube in the back of the pot. You fill it up with water until you can see a little kind of run-over reservoir on the side. The water starts coming out and that’s how we know it’s full. That’s all you have to do for three to four days during even the hottest part of the summer.

One thing that you want to remember when you’re planting these pots is when you first plant them you’ve got to water them from the top until those roots get down to the bottom and start soaking up that water from the bottom of the pot. You will be thankful like us to have switched all of your pots home to aquapots. We just received a brand new shipment of aquapots. COVID had disrupted distribution channels. We ordered all of these pots over a year ago. We got half of them this winter and they sold great. We just got a brand new shipment of them in with different styles available now at the farm. We’ve got a great display coming up so you should head on out to the farm. Come on over and we’d be happy to show you what makes these aquapots different than all the other pots. Hopefully, this will make the summer a little easier for you. We hope to see you soon.

Watch as Brian Bauman from Bauman’s Farm & Garden talks about the benefits of using aquapots during the summer.

We welcome you to come down to the farm anytime and see our aquapots. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Aquapots - Plants & Flowers
Aquapots - Watering Plants during Summer
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