Cupressus Blue Ice (Cypress) Trees

Cupressus Blue Ice - Blue Ice Cypress

This tree is one of Brian Bauman’s absolute favorite trees. It can be called either Cupressa’s Blue Ice or Blue Ice Cypress. All the time, people come to the farm, and they ask for a quick-growing tree. They don’t want to wait forever, and it’s easy to be impatient. They want something that doesn’t make a mess. They want something they don’t have to water all the time, and honestly, this tree has all of those attributes and more. One of the things to like most about this tree is that it’s drought-tolerant which means you don’t have to keep watering it all the time. Once it’s established, you’re done. You don’t have to deal with it again, and it looks great year-round. It has beautiful pinecones, and it comes in a whole wide range of colors. Besides the blue ice, some other varieties include Limelight, Carolina Sapphire, and there’s more. All of those we have in stock right now at the farm. If you are looking for that perfect tree that doesn’t take a lot of maintenance, looks good year-round, and is easy to take care of, these guys are just right for you.

Watch as Brian Bauman from Bauman’s Farm & Garden talks about how easy the maintenance is with a Cupressus or Cypress tree.

We welcome you to come down to the farm anytime and see our trees in stock. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Cypress Tree - Easy Maintenance - Bauman's in Oregon
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