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Our custom hanging basket greenhouse is filled with custom hanging baskets. People who come to our classes in the wintertime get a chance to fill out and create their own combinations. We love going through these greenhouses and seeing all the beautiful combinations.

One basket we have features our brand-new Salvia Hummingbird Falls. At first, we didn’t do a lot of mixed baskets with it because we didn’t know how it was going to grow. Seeing these baskets now, we are excited already for next year to pair this plant with other flowers. You can also add the Cuphea Hummingbird’s Lunch and Cuphea Vermillionaire as well to the basket.

Watch as Brian Bauman from Bauman’s Farm & Garden talks about the new varieties of Salvia.

Salvia Hummingbird Falls

All these flowers bloom non-stop all summer long, and it attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. Right now, at the farm, we have this brand-new Salvia Hummingbird Falls available in six-inch. You can create your own containers using this. We had it available earlier in 10-inch baskets but those sold out in about a week. Everybody was so excited to have these, and now you can purchase them in individual sizes and use them to create your own hanging basket or container.

Hot Lips Salvia

Let’s discuss the different salvias we have at the farm, including a couple of new ones. First, Hot Lips is that kind of standard salvia that really makes you fall in love with salvias because it has a beautiful blossom with a kind of cherry lips flower coming off the end. It has a white throat, blooms non-stop all summer, and attracts the butterflies and hummingbirds. It’s super drought tolerant once it’s established. It usually comes back every year, and we have good luck with this plant coming back. You don’t really have to water it throughout the summer, which is great, and then it blooms all summer.

Amethyst Lips Salvia

Last year we brought you another color in the series called Amethyst Lips. It is a much darker purple flower with a white throat, has the same great benefits where it blooms all summer long, and is pretty drought tolerant once it’s established. We like to pair these plants with some other kind of beefier larger flowers because the flowers are kind of dainty, and they don’t really give you a lot of flower power. They bloom non-stop all summer long. So, in the center of containers with other things around it, it is the perfect plant for that.

Cherry Lips Salvia

This year we have a brand-new introduction to go with the other two, this is Cherry Lips, and you’ll notice that it doesn’t have a lot on the white throat yet. As the heat comes on, you’ll see that the white throat really starts to pop out. It’s a great salvia and a great addition to the other two colors. We have all three of them available right now at the farm, along with the Hummingbird Fall Salvia.

Aren’t you excited to try them in your garden and see how they do?

We’re excited to hear from you on how your plants grew in your garden and containers.

We welcome you to come down to the farm to see all of our saliva plants we have available. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Salvia Lips Flowers for Your Hanging Baskets
Salvia Lips Plants for your Garden
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