Proven Winners – Summer Plant Favorites

Proven Winners - Summer Plant Favorites

Watch as Brian Bauman from Bauman’s Farm & Garden talks about the new and favorite varieties of summer plants you can find on the farm.

Here are some of our favorite varieties from Proven Winners that are going to keep going all summer long.

Amazel Basil

There is nothing that smells sweeter than fresh basil fresh out of your garden like a variety called Amazel Basil. What makes it so amazing is that it produces throughout the summer non-stop. You won’t find that in a lot of other varieties, but this particular one comes from Proven Winners, and you’ll find it in white pots.

Amazel Basil

Euphorbia – Diamond Snow

Euphorbia is fairly new within the last couple of years, and it’s called Diamond Snow. It’s covered in white blossoms. This plant loves the summertime with all of the heat, and it blooms non-stop all summer long. The beautiful white blossoms are phenomenal.

Euphorbia - Diamond Snow Plant & Flower

Evolvulus – Blew My Mind

Another plant that loves our summer heat is Evolvulus, Blew My Mind. Try saying that ten times fast! The blue flowers on this plant are stunning. We’ve never seen another flower that has this color blue, and it blooms non-stop all summer. A lot of the pollinators love this plant.

Evelvulus - Blew My Mind - Blue Flower

Salvia – Unplugged Pink

Speaking of pollinators, there is no plant in the garden that hummingbirds love more than salvia. This is a brand-new variety from Proven Winners called Unplugged Pink. It has dark brackets with a lighter fuchsia-colored pink flower coming out from it. It also blooms non-stop all summer. This variety is a little more compact, so it does not get quite as big as some of the other salvias. The hummingbirds love it. The butterflies love it. All the pollinators in your garden are going to love this plant.

Salvia - Unplugged Pink Flower

To discover a complete selection of your favorite annuals that are going to bloom non-stop throughout the summer in the northwest, head on out to Bauman Farms. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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