Fresh Oregon Strawberries

There is just something about Oregon strawberries; they are so delicious and sweet you won’t find anything like them anywhere else. As a kid, Brian Bauman remembers picking strawberries with grandma. She was the one that was always in charge of the kids out in the field. Grandma was always adamant that we made sure we used both hands and were picking clean. We can still hear her in the back of our minds.

Watch as Brian Bauman talks about the fresh strawberries from Bauman Farms.

In fact, we’ve been picking strawberries out in these fields since 1895. The Bauman family has been picking berries and giving them to customers throughout the State of Oregon for over a hundred years. We couldn’t be prouder of that tradition. Some things stay the same, but some things have changed over time. One of the things that we’ve done at Bauman farms is we’ve implemented a GAP certification which means that every person that enters our field is trained on how to pick to make sure their hands are washed, and you end up with the highest quality freshest produce that you can get anywhere else.

Unfortunately, that means we don’t allow “you pick” at the farm because we can’t control who’s entering the fields and make sure that everything in our fields is safe for everyone. At Bauman Farms, we pick all our berries fresh every single morning. When you come out to the farm, you get the freshest quality produce that you can’t get anywhere else.

Picking Oregon Strawberries
Oregon Strawberry Field

Strawberries are just beginning, but they don’t last long. In fact, this year, we’re about a month later than we were last year. We have about a two-to-three-week window where we’re going to have fresh strawberries every single day at the farm. We are closed on Sundays, but every Monday through Saturday, we will be out here picking berries with our grandma’s voice in the back of our heads. 

These berries won’t last long, so come on down to the farm and pick some up today! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Strawberry Fields - Bauman's Farm & Garden in Oregon
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