Strawberry Season

Strawberry Seasn - Freezer Jam Kit at Bauman's Farm & Garden

It’s strawberry season on the farm! Our newest item available is our Strawberry Freezer Jam Kit. This kit is exactly what you need to make one perfect batch of strawberry freezer jam. It provides the right number of strawberries, sugar, lemon, and of course, a package of pectin. Make sure to follow the instructions on the package, or the ones we provide at the store, to make the perfect batch!

If you head on over to our YouTube page you will find a video where Barb Bauman provides a step-by-step process on how to make freezer jam. To this day, that video is one of our most-watched videos, a fact that our mom never lets us forget. Now is the time to make your strawberry freezer jam since these strawberries don’t last too long.

Watch as Brian Bauman talks about the excitement for strawberry season and our new special strawberry freezer jam kit with directions on how to create your own freezer jam!

Right now, at the farm, we have a couple of new strawberry-themed items. The bakery is making strawberry donuts, one of our favorites!

Strawberry Donuts made fresh at Bauman's Farm & Garden

We have a cool hydrangea called a Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea! It’s one of those Paniculata Hydrangeas where it starts blooming at the top and then finishes blooming in a peak. These flowers start out white and end up going pink, so you end up with this half pink half white hydrangea, thus vanilla strawberry hydrangea.

Last but not least, we have our Strawberry Mojito Cider. This delicious cider is made with our own Bauman strawberries and is perfect for those summer days!

Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea
Strawberry Mojito - Bauman's Cider

Head out to the farm and get a chance to get in on strawberry season while supplies last!

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