New Backyard Plants

Backyard Plants, Flowers, & Shrubs at Bauman's Farm & Garden

We’re excited to share with you some new flowers planted all around our new Backyard area outdoor space. We have been trying to find some cool new different shrubs that maybe you haven’t seen before that can be added to this space!

Watch as Brian Bauman highlights the new plants in the the Backyard area at Bauman’s Farm & Garden.

Spigelia Flowers

The first is Spigelia called Little Redhead! We have been trying, for a couple of years now, to get cuttings of this because this flower is spectacular. It has this red crocosmia flower, and then it shoots out this bright yellow throat. It is super hardy and will easily survive the winters and then create these beautiful flowers during the summertime. Pollinators love it! One thing we look for in a perennial is for full sun, and this plant has it. We have some available up in the garden center in 8-inch pots!

Little Redhead Spigelia Flowers


As far as hydrangeas go, Limelight has always been a favorite! This new one is in the paniculata family and has those tall pinnacle-shaped flowers that bloom in the summertime. It’ll take full sun in the northwest. It will do fine in part shade too, but in the full sun, it is a little more compact. This new variety is called Limelight Prime. It is more compact than Limelight. It will only get to about four to five feet tall in the northwest. It will bloom all summer beautifully in the garden. During the fall, its color is going to change to a fruit punch color, and it becomes this deep pink.

Hydrangea Limelight Prime Pink Flowers
Hydrangea Limelight Prime Flowers

BananAppeal Shrubs

With this new Backyard, we have some shady spaces where we can put some of the larger trees out here. We wanted to find some shrubs that would look good year-round because the farm is open all year. This new shrub is called BananAppeal. It is in the anise family. You can take the leaves and crunch them a little bit, and you can smell black licorice. It has a cool fragrance to it, and it will develop these red flowers in the summertime. The red flowers are not too prominent, but it is complementary to yellow foliage. This is a perfect shrub that can stand out and display well in the shade and brighten up any area.

Bananappeal Shrubs with yellow leaves - Bauman Farms

We are excited to share this new space with you and your family. Come on out to the Backyard. The Backyard will be a place to hang out, play yard games, and listen to live music! Come on down to the farm and enjoy the summer with us! We hope to see you soon!

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